Computer Courses for the Aged

In this modern world where majority of life’s daily processes are run by technology, it is very important to not miss out on computers. Learning the computer can be done whichever age bracket one may fall under; in fact, some kids as young as 2 years old have learned to play with computers. Hence, learning the computer is never too late for the older population.

A variety of computer courses for the aged are available either online or in the classic four-walled classroom. In the United Kingdom, AgeUK offers computer trainings to the older people. According to its website, AgeUK is the country’s largest non-government organization which is dedicated to making the lives of older people better. AgeUK recognizes the fact that older people should not miss out on technology, thus it designed a computer training course in an easy-to-follow format and offers its material in plain English to make it more understandable for the older people. AgeUK also has an available online platform wherein the older people can learn about the internet and computers on their own, set at their preferred learning pace.

Similar to AgeUK, AgeAction in Ireland also has the mission of fighting against what it refers to as the “digital exclusion”. Since 2006, AgeAction has delivered its Getting Started Computer Training program to over 27,000 Irish people who are beyond 55 years of age. Materials are taught to the older people by thousands of volunteer tutors who teach the class in small groups.
AgeConcern Hampshire is another independent charity organization that provides computer courses for the aged, specifically those who are over 50 years old. AgeConcern Hampshire teaches to its beneficiaries the basic Applications not limited to the internet, shopping, and home-study learning.

Elderly Students in Computer Class

Elderly Students in Computer Class

Aside from these organizations which provide computer courses in a physical environment, there are also websites which offer computer trainings online for the older population. Skillful Senior ( may be used by an individual or in the classroom setting. For seniors who wish to learn the computer by themselves, Skillful Senior has online digital characters that can help the learner with the computer modules. The material is taught using interactive animations, and some of the topics that it teaches are the basic navigation skills, parts of the computer, as well as ergonomics.

Meganga ( is another website that provides computer lessons for seniors without any fees. Topics can be learned by watching the online videos posted on the website. Among these topics that are taught are the MS Office tools such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel.

The Senior’s Guide to Computers is also another online platform that has designed its courses for the older people. The website uses a mixture of photos, videos and texts with plenty of examples to teach computer topics. The learner can choose from any of four font sizes to make the material more comfortable and readable. Just like the other websites, it also teaches the basics of a computer—its parts and functions; how to use the e-mail and internet, how to protect the computer from security risks, and many more.

Easy Computing Options For Senior Citizens

Computing Options For Senior Citizens

The computer is a great thing for people of every age when used in a positive way. Computing can become a person’s hobby for gathering information and many such activities. The world of computing is endless. Directly or indirectly computer serves as a great thing for each one of us. For example, if a person is fond of cooking he or she can learn new recipes through internet and cook them at home. People are confused with the term senior citizen. Some think that people who are retired are seniors, and some think otherwise. For my article, I will treat people above the age of 50 years as senior citizens.

67067-424x283-Computers_for_seniorsOne such handy computer brand for baby boomers and seniors is Telikins. We can call it a family computer. It is very easy to use for seniors even if they are not an expert on computers, they can learn it very easily with the help of Telikins. They can use internet on it and enjoy the benefits of it. Social networking is a great thing; seniors can remain connected to their old friends through it and enjoy chatting or video conferencing to them. Our seniors can also blog on the internet. If they love to read and write, they can express their point of view to the world. It is a very productive work. They can also publish articles on the internet.

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Enhancing The Quality Of Life Through Computing

Bring home WOW computers for a senior at home. WOW computers are extremely simple to use. The world will be at your fingertips when you have WOW computers with you. It has got a touch screen monitor that is loved by senior people. You need not buy any software for it. You can zoom the text upto 200% with just one touch and it has a US based computer support. The screen is designed in such as way that elderly people do not find any difficulty in seeing anything on the screen that browsing on the computer is very easy.

The computer is a great way to enhance life. Nothing is far from the reach of a human being since the invention of the computer and the internet took place. In the older age, people start to feel depressed because they remain idle and have nothing to do. If they are kept engaged, they will surely maintain a healthy lifestyle. Encourage senior citizen at your home to do something on the computer, maybe an online business. There are so many types of online businesses that a person can do. If they face any problem on the internet, there are many sites specially devised for the elderly which can simplify the internet world for them. Also, the seniors can offer a lot to the society through their experience and knowledge. The computer offers you a lifelong opportunity to learn something new every single day.